Quality of Tahitian Black Pearl

Pearl has become one of the best pieces of natural beauty from time immemorial. Apart from the natural person, there is another category of pearls popular among the masses. Cultured pearls are easily identified from natural pearls by X-ray.

5 Pearl alter the size of a 9 mm. In fact, they are not entirely black. In fact, most of them are a series of charcoal gray or black. Some tones of red, brown, peacock, has a moderate or green. Farmer color and quality changes, depending on the temperature of the water say to use the food. The pearl white sands and blue water is great so far, Tahiti is also known.

Pearls are judged according to certain criteria.

Size – the bigger the pearl of great price. Robatowantahichiparu largest and 20.92 mm pearl, measured during the 16/13 of an inch in diameter. Larger than many Chinese or Japanese pearls and 9mm to 14mm Tahitian pearl and is usually measured.

Pearl thickness – layer surrounding the nucleus.

Today, thanks to decades of careful work on Polynesian farming, we pretty pearl necklace, earrings, and you can make them available to the pendant.

Tahitian pearls are usually a little gray. Some blue-black. However, because of people like to Tahichiparujueri, the store sells these stones offer a wide selection of unique designs.

Pearl design, go to tahitian black pearl and black pearl

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